Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

So I have decided to make Wednesdays the day I post my Work in Progress. I am hoping this will assist me with 2 things. A regularity to my posting, as well as the discipline to finish things. LOL. This is a grand goal indeed. For all you creative types out there, you know it is a chronic symptom to have numerous projects unfinished, on and around the work table. Well at the very least I will have to finish what I post, as I will feel accountable to you.

Today I went through my stash of vintage stuff and pulled out some funky silver salt and pepper shakers. I decided to up-cycle them into some quirky characters. Here is where I am at, so far. These are just sculpted and cured. They still need to be painted and accessorized-this will bring them to life.

I will post pics once they are finished - probably tomorrow. Until then...

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