Sunday, July 17, 2011

Extreme Workshops

well the temperature was in the 30's with the humidity high, but the class must go on. Lucky for us the garage/workshop was somewhat cooler than outside so the heat did not zap the creativity in the air. The birdhouse workshop was great fun-everyone was very pleased with their results. As you can see they deserve to be birdhouse proud...

Now, I must confess my transgressions. Due to the crazy wonderful weather we have had recently I have fallen a bit behind in my W.I.P projects. I have finished my mosaic window and I am very pleased.

My Petites Fleurs, however are a bit behind. LOL I have finished sculpting all of them and have painted them -but the costuming is not quite finished yet-here they are so far...

Hopefully I will be a bit more disciplined this week-it all depends on mother nature!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Wonderful Afternoon

Although the weather was wet and miserable today, it was the perfect day for a workshop indoors. The sleeping garden troll class was a huge success. Everyone went home with an adorable little creature. Lots of laughs and a creative afternoon was spent with a great group of people.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

OK, so I know I haven't updated you on the Petites Fleur's I have been working on. There is a good reason, sort of. I am making 20 of them. Sounds crazy I know, but |I thought I should get a head start on inventory for next year, if I am going to do the One of a Kind Show. That is the goal. As of now I have 16 of these little creatures unpainted and undressed so really not much to show just yet. That being said, I am a bit creatively A.D.D. so I started another project in the middle of these little faeries.
I had this wonderful shabby white frame that was an odd size, so I added some glass and have begun a floral mosaic. Here is where I am at so far...

My goal is to finish this mosaic and be finished, or close to finished all 20 of the Petites Fleur's, by next Wednesday. Grand illusions? maybe but one must have goals.
until then pixie giggles everyone!