Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cloche to my heart

Did you know that cloche means bell in french. That is how this popular decorating accessory earned its name. 

I love a cloche. I don't know what it is about a cloche that attracts me, but I am not alone. They continue to be very popular in all styles of decorating. At Vintage Pixie Studio you will find many a cloche in a variety of sizes. One question I am asked often is,"what should I display in my cloche?"
Here's a few ideas to inspire you. Look around your home and think of everyday items you have that can be displayed in an unusual way. Have fun with it. Try the unexpected. The possibilities are endless...

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Decorating with collections

Why do we collect. Some say it is reliving childhood memories. Perhaps it is the fulfillment or satisfaction of gathering a collection. I suppose if we analysed it, there is a basic human instinct to collect. Regardless the reason, most people have one or more collections of "something". I have many collections. Not all are large, but they do have a common thread. In some form or another they are vintage.  The idea of things we don't use anymore in modern society intrigues me. I love the aged patina that shows on an item. It is part of the story a piece can tell.
The thrill of the hunt is very gratifying, however I want to enjoy my collections everyday, so incorporating them in my decorating is important to me
Collections don't have to be large, just a grouping of three or more similar items can make a lovely vignette.

Collections can be of rare items or simple everyday items.
Display them in an unique way, creating visual interest

 Collect unexpected items such as old clock faces and display them on a wall.

Whatever your collection or your reason for collecting, introducing it to your space, can create a personal charm that is individual to you. Don't hide it away in a closet. Put it on display to enjoy.

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An intense but fun weekend spent sculpting, during this weekends workshop sculpting a faerie. The hard work paid off...


Now you can visit the "student Gallery" to see work done by students at our workshops

Friday, February 21, 2014

Its all in the details...I have always said it is the little things that make a house a home. Those small touches that we add to bring an element of our personality to a space. This week I am featuring throws. Throws can add a touch of coziness whether thrown over the corner of the couch or chair or laid at the end of a bed. Here at Vintage Pixie Studio, I have made an assortment of rag quilts. I love these for the comfy casualness they can add to a room. Made from cottons, flannels and vintage chenille in an assortment of colour medleys.

If quilted throws aren't your style, there are also great wool throws which invite you to curl up on those cold winter days.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday
We've come a long way Baby!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Over the years my design style has had a lot of transitions, but I had always been drawn to colour. Lately however, I find myself more attracted to warm whites and creams, shades of grey and the natural hues of grain sacs and linen. I used to believe white walls and white decor was cold and uninviting. If done correctly this is not the case. Layering many shades of whites and creams is quite an inviting and cozy look.
In my home we have been under a major remodelling allowing for some new and fresh decorating. I am hoping to incorporate some of the new neutrals without it becoming too feminine. One has to keep in mind everyone who enjoys a space when decorating. 
My decorating will be a short way off but in the meantime, you can see how warm and inviting these spaces are with mostly neutral shades.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Time is such a precious commodity these days. Perhaps this is why I love instant gratification while creating. I have admired the knitters, and quilters who can work on projects diligently for days and even weeks at a time before completing their masterpieces.  For me I love the thrill of accomplishing the look I strive for when creating. In my space however, I like to be reminded to slow down and relax. Enjoying the simple things such as a warm cup of coffee and a good book. I suppose this is the sign of our times, where we are made to feel unproductive if we aren't multitasking. Remember to cherish the small things that bring us joy everyday...
And Happy Family Day for all my fellow Canadians.
I hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones today.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

No time was wasted, as we dove right into all the sumptuous fibres at today's workshop. Sometimes narrowing down your choices can be the most difficult part of a project. That can also be the most fun and often leads to multiple designs. As usual everyone fed off each other for inspiration and masterpieces resulted.

another fun day had by all...




Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feathering the Nest

Feathering the nest is a phrase I use often, especially while anticipating the arrival of spring. I used the phrase with a visitor at the studio the other day and she looked at me in confusion. It got me thinking. "What exactly is Feathering the Nest"?
For me, it is all the little extras we do in our decor that make a house a home. This is a large part of what Vintage Pixie Studio is all about. My love of decorating and "Junktiquing"  allows me to bring you unique spins on everyday accessories and decor. The idea of using something in a new or unexpected way is satisfying.
I know many of you who visit Vintage Pixie Studio come for inspiration and ideas. Many have asked where my inspiration comes from. Well, it is from everywhere. Books, magazines, nature, other artists and of course from those who visit the studio. I thought I would share some of the photos that inspire me to create...

Aged paper and documents get my heart racing. Throw in hydrangeas, whether fresh or dried and I am in heaven.

Oh how I love chippy Paint!
 Some of my favorite collectables, old books and vintage clocks. What a great vignette.


2 perfect examples of repurposing. Love the old suitcases.

I love a little shabby romance.

More favorites -lavender, zinc, vintage pitchers, old letters and fresh flowers.
That's enough for today, but I could go on and on....

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