Friday, October 14, 2011

Finishing Projects

Sometimes it feels as though projects will never get finished. You start with such enthusiasm, and as other jobs disrupt you and day to day life just gets in the way, you become disenchanted with that excitement for the new design or creation. Your mind has moved on to all kinds of new ideas that you want to start but your current project is there to remind you it is waiting to be finished. This happens to me almost on a weekly basis. Sometimes my self  discipline kicks in and I finish the started project, and other times said project gets pushed aside to wait until excitement is renewed. I have, however discovered that there are those special times when you force yourself to do something you don't want to, that wonderful things happen. A while back I posted some pics on W.I.P. Wednesday of what I was then calling brownies. Because the holiday season is fast approaching I felt I needed to work on Christmas items so they became elves instead. A wonderful thing happened- I love them.
this is how they began

and this is what they became...

 these little fellows are so cute and versatile. they are small enough to sit in your hand. they have a bean bag style body that allows them to be positioned  and can be tucked into any little spot including in a tree. These elves will make their formal debut at the Christmas house tour at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
Now I need to go back to Halloween mode as I prepare for this weekends workshop. I will post some pics of the class and the last class of fibre art soon. Until then pixie giggles everyone...

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  1. These are so fun and funky! Love how they turned out! Hmmm, I really should look up the date of that house tour!