Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our ultimate girls week in TO - creative bliss!

How fun was this trip?!
we landed at City Center Airport - love flying Porter, so convenient...
we had scored a room at the fabulously trendy Hyatt Regency in the entertainment district - the room was small but efficient (kind of reminded me of a cruise ship room).
after a few drinks, it was a giggling frenzy setting up our sleeping arrangements...

...but the next morning, we were off and running, bright and early.
This Vintage Pixie was on assignment at the Direct Energy Center for the set-up of the 2011 One of a Kind Christmas Show. I was fortunate to be invited by artist friend Kate Church to observe and help set up her display.
(read about Kate here )
here is a peek at the booth
next destination, Eaton Center!
and we were out to do some damage at the notorious shopping mecca, (sales at the Bay were definitely up after our visit). The Christmas decor sparkled, with the glittering Swarovski tree and giant twinkling reindeer.
after a quick return to drop our mountain of parcels in the hotel, we hopped on the TTC Subway (the new Rocket, proudly built in Thunder Bay!)
What a convenient way to get to the far north side of the city in a matter of minutes, no traffic jams!
we arrived at the doorstep of the Toronto Center for the Arts for the weird and wonderful performance of THE ADDAMS FAMILY, a magnificently macabre musical comedy, with amazing costume and set design. Inspirations galore! 

the next two days were spent at the OOAK show, where we were charmed, impressed and delighted with the talents and creations of the 800 Artisans.

a short stop for a much needed rest and re-fuel (Joann, Carla, Lorraine & Leslie)

 meeting up with a fellow doll artist, Deborah Colston

the crowning glory of our trip (pun intended) was our splurge on tickets to the a concert at the Air Canada Center by the artist 80s dream come true - over 3 hours of funky music, with 6 encores, just amazing! we left with no voices (we were the woowoo girls) and our hands literally bruised from applauding.

as the trip wound down to the end, we were forced to get creative in the packing of our many bags, gifts, treasures and new fashions into our luggage.
again, a convenient few blocks to the airport in the morning and we were home in the wink of an eye (maybe a few winks)

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