Thursday, January 26, 2012


...can you believe that January is almost over?!

I've been busy in the studio, enjoying the company dropping in to visit and look around, to check out the many new creations and collectibles continuously being added to the shop.

In our new location, people are finding it quick and convenient to drop by on a lunch or coffee break! I'm always happy to see visitors coming up the stairs.

These favourite garbage bins are a special order we just completed for some of my customers who love the uniqueness and practicality they add to a home.

If you are looking for a special piece for a certain spot in your home, or a one of a kind gift, we welcome the challenge!


  1. Hi Leslie,
    I wanted to thank you for adding my work to your Pinterest page. You have so many wonderful pieces posted there that I'm in good company! I love the little soulful faces and detailed costumes on your dolls. Thanks again, Denise Bledsoe

  2. I love this piece. Mine is in my back porch off of my kitchen and we use it for our recyclable cans, glass & plastic.