Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dream Studio! revealed....

Have you fantasized about having a space to create, all of your own?

... with all of your "stuff" surrounding you
readily accessible and visible?

I have been dreaming about it for a long time, designing it over & over in my mind,
collecting ideas,
collecting storage containers, 
display shelves & fixtures.  

And so, here it is!

Perfect task lighting in the ceiling track lights, but a turquoise chandelier sets the mood.

A comfortable wingback chair for sittin' & stitchin'.

Ribbons and fabrics, there to inspire as I work.

Check out the "vintage" flat screen TV.....and of course, the vintage industrial sewing machine.

Bins, drawers, cubbies, jars, shelves - I know what I have on hand!

Large metal covered tables will let me spread out, work on many projects or hold workshops.

Books, patterns, creative ideas & inspirations at my fingertips.

Just looking at the jars of colourful mosaic glasses gets my juices flowing.

The "real" work begins - my first creations in the new studio!

They are works in progress, but I am so inspired to work now, I'm sure my new space will cause a few all-nighters.

Now that would make this literally a Dream Studio!


  1. Leslie, thank you for giving us the opportunity to create in your workshop :) I felt like a kid in a candy shop...your organization of everything is so appealing to the eye, and your willingness to supply us with our every need was very, very helpful. I encourage anyone who reads this to register in one of Leslie's will NOT be disappointed!

  2. I can't believe this is your basement. It looks amazing.