Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magic Mosaic Mushrooms!

Sunday afternoon Mosaic Mushroom Workshop resulted in some fabulous multi-coloured, glittering new mushrooms that will brighten up a few gardens.

These ladies used their love of colour and creating in the studio,
and besides leaving with their completed projects,
I think we have added a few new mosaicists to our group!

Here they are doing the initial piecing of the glass and tiles.

So addicting, bet you can't do just 1...... 

They were so into it and quick, that everyone chose to do 2 mushrooms.

Tuesday evening it was down to the garage to the messy,
but rewarding, job of grouting. 

Here is the messy part...... 

.....and this.....

is the rewarding part! 


Here is a reminder and a photo of the next scheduled workshop:
Friendly Dragonfly
Wednesday May 23, 7pm-9:30pm
Thursday May24, 7pm-9:30
Create this whimsical critter to adorn your garden or a houseplant. You will learn how to work in 2 part resin as well as sculpting in 2 part epoxy. All materials are provided and no skills required.
Check out our pre-cut glass for sale, for those who would like to do more mosaics.
New mosaic tiles and glass nippers also arrived today!
Over the next few days, we will be posting some great mosaic pieces we have been creating,
in the hopes it will give you some inspirations! 



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