Thursday, January 31, 2013

January comes to an end ~ a little closer to spring!

Are you some of the fortunate ones avoiding this crazeeeee weather in Thunder Bay?
If you are, you picked a great time to go!

We were hoping that we would get a break on our little adventure to "South"ern Ontario - but no such luck!

It was frigid cold (ok, only -20 as opposed to -36 here in the Bay), snow squalls, freezing rain...

Our day trips to the outlying areas were curbed as we followed trucks spinning out in the middle of the highway. Our little rental car felt like a tuna can amongst the vehicles packing the routes.

In spite of the bad weather, we were able to pick up some new treasures and a lot of good ideas that I am sure you will be interested to see in the next few weeks.

On the day we were heading to the downtown airport
(NOTE: Never drive through the city on a Friday afternoon in a snow storm....),
this multi-vehicle pile-up was taking place on the 401.

This really made coming home, something for which we were very grateful!

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