Thursday, May 2, 2013

I find it difficult to believe that this time last year, gardening season had begun.
As I watch the snow fall out the window I wonder if spring will ever arrive. 
 It's a good time to stay indoors and get creative, so I thought I would share
a fun and inexpensive tutorial with you. All you need is an old paperback novel,
a few empty toilet paper rolls, masking tape and glue.
So far so good right. Finally a DIY project that you don't need to go out and buy materials.
You can even watch television while you are working,
so pour yourself a glass of wine and lets begin...
So to begin, you need a wreath base to attach all these lovely roses you will make.
This is where your toilet paper rolls come in. Cut the tubes in half length wise and tape together to create a square as shown.
I covered this with book pages so if there were any areas that showed through it will blend in.
Now all you need to do is make a ton of roses and glue them on, covering the whole base.
To learn how to make the roses go to this link to see a great photo tutorial.
When I made the roses I used 4 pages per flower so they were nice and full. Once you get going you can experiment and see what you like.
Warning: you will need ALOT of these roses. When you think you have more than enough make more.
You can also colour your roses with paint or glitter them , have fun.

 Hang your wreath with a pretty ribbon and even though the flowers aren't yet blooming outdoors, they can certainly bloom indoors.

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