Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We are in the middle of garden season. The fragrance of lilies of the valley, blooming peonies, and fresh cut grass carries on the warm night air. Gardens are full with the beauty of mother nature's spectacular array of hues.
Here at Vintage Pixie Studio it is no exception. From soothing greens to exuberant shades of pinks our garden has painted a glorious picture.

 I have to admit that peonies are one of my favorites. It brings out the romantic in me. One of the many joys to having an abundant garden is bringing fresh cut blooms into the home. Everyone needs a little romance in their lives, Why not in your decorating...



Whether you add small touches of romance with cut flowers or take it a step further with vintage laces, ruffled pillows and floral prints, try flirting with the idea of adding a little romance in your decor. It's a delightful compliment to the shabby vintage look we love here at Vintage Pixie Studio.

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