Sunday, July 17, 2011

Extreme Workshops

well the temperature was in the 30's with the humidity high, but the class must go on. Lucky for us the garage/workshop was somewhat cooler than outside so the heat did not zap the creativity in the air. The birdhouse workshop was great fun-everyone was very pleased with their results. As you can see they deserve to be birdhouse proud...

Now, I must confess my transgressions. Due to the crazy wonderful weather we have had recently I have fallen a bit behind in my W.I.P projects. I have finished my mosaic window and I am very pleased.

My Petites Fleurs, however are a bit behind. LOL I have finished sculpting all of them and have painted them -but the costuming is not quite finished yet-here they are so far...

Hopefully I will be a bit more disciplined this week-it all depends on mother nature!

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