Friday, February 3, 2012

A Clean Palette

My new working studio is under construction.
Unfortunately before we could do anything, we needed to empty all the "stuff".
(Its amazing what you find...I found all kinds of goodies to be used in some cool creations.)

But, back to the renos.......

This view shows where I had my creative workbench, TV, cubbies & drawers, tool boards & shelves.

In this shot, behind what used to be a fabric bolt shelving wall, was my stash storage room. 

For any of you that had been in my work area, you know how much "stuff" has been removed....

Now, for the fun part! It is time to begin putting all the ideas and wishes into reality.
Keep watching and follow the process of implementing our latest big project.

My goal is to have the champagne workshop on a wine cooler budget.

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