Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mosaic Vase Workshop

Students came into the workshop with different ideas, diverse colour palettes and lots of enthusiasm, but a little unsure of what was in front of them.

Sunday they sorted through jars of glass and mosaic tiles, looking for the perfect inspiration.
We cut, pieced and adhered the stained glass to clear glass vases, not quite sure of how the finished product would look.

It was with anticipation that we left the vases overnight to cure. 

The next night everyone was back, eager to grout.

It can be a dirty job, but my class enjoyed the perfect spot to mix and apply the messy stuff. 

Once the grout set for a bit, we polished and cleaned until the rainbow colours appeared through the cloud of dusty haze.

This part is like Christmas morning to me!

And then.....the big reveal!

The "Mosaicists" and their finished pieces.

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