Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy, busy!.....its a new season at Vintage Pixie

Here are just some of my WIP (works in progress) in the studio for spring gardens. I call Knotty Gnomes.

Drop in anytime during the regular studio hours and check out what is happening, I'm always working on something and visitors are always welcome!

and this little ole' window scene of birch trees

for an idea of the size of this window, that is an 18" ruler on the side frame

...but let's get to what everyone is waiting for - the winners of our Spring Fever Giveaway. Three lucky winners will recieve a $20.00 gift card to be used at the studio.
The winners are; Shannon Mikkinga, Kim Ducharme and Laura Hereema. Cangratulations gals


  1. I love the gnomes. What materials did you use for them? Looks like real piece of wood with some type of clay added to form the gnomes. Would love to know. Thanks, Randy

  2. these knotty gnomes are created on driftwood-I add a wire armiture and sculpt with a 2 part epoxy so they are able to live outdoors.

  3. I'd love to see your birches all done. I'm working on a birches window right now and loving it. I like the way you have mixed up the smaller pieces in one tree and larger with another.