Tuesday, February 19, 2013

everyone can use a break over the long winter days
and a bit of a re-charge.

here's what we did for our cabin fever,
to boost our energy and get new creative juices flowing!

it was a bit of a drive to attend and a couple of nights in a hotel,
but lucky for us the weather was fine and only one other student,
so it seemed like a private class!

just a small pile of the supplies we brought,
thinking we could possibly need that perfect fiber.....
(you know it is all about the stash!)

my work in progress


the finished pieces!


you can check out the details of the workshop we attended here:
Northwoods in Stitches
julie crabtree

(artist & instructor sample)

meanwhile at Vintage Pixie Studio,

we now carry a variety of unique and hard to find ribbons & embellishments in smaller quantities, making it easy to keep an assortment of beautiful colours & textures on hand!

there is also an assortment of specialty needles to choose from, with other supplies on the way....



sampler of ribbon embroidery possibilities....

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