Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun times, new friends and learning to sculpt!

Here is a look at the first Sculpting Class of 2013

The weekend class included beginner sculptors,
as well as some former students back to refresh their skills in the art of sculpting with polymer clay.

While learning, we shared some good laughs,
some times of frustration,
but most importantly, moments of creative triumph!

The creativity and motivation of this group was
more than evident in their finished figures.

Hoping to see photos of these little characters once they are fully costumed.
(of course, I'm talking about the sculpted figures, not the students...)

The exciting part, is that the class was so much fun and the sculpting so intriguing, that new sculptors from this class are coming to check out our local group
"Figurative Artists of Cloth and Clay" (FACC).

You're welcome to visit the FACC blog to see what the group is all about and check out their creations.

You too may be interested in learning to sculpt.

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