Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Over the years my design style has had a lot of transitions, but I had always been drawn to colour. Lately however, I find myself more attracted to warm whites and creams, shades of grey and the natural hues of grain sacs and linen. I used to believe white walls and white decor was cold and uninviting. If done correctly this is not the case. Layering many shades of whites and creams is quite an inviting and cozy look.
In my home we have been under a major remodelling allowing for some new and fresh decorating. I am hoping to incorporate some of the new neutrals without it becoming too feminine. One has to keep in mind everyone who enjoys a space when decorating. 
My decorating will be a short way off but in the meantime, you can see how warm and inviting these spaces are with mostly neutral shades.

pictures found in Jeanne D'Arc Living

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