Sunday, February 23, 2014

Decorating with collections

Why do we collect. Some say it is reliving childhood memories. Perhaps it is the fulfillment or satisfaction of gathering a collection. I suppose if we analysed it, there is a basic human instinct to collect. Regardless the reason, most people have one or more collections of "something". I have many collections. Not all are large, but they do have a common thread. In some form or another they are vintage.  The idea of things we don't use anymore in modern society intrigues me. I love the aged patina that shows on an item. It is part of the story a piece can tell.
The thrill of the hunt is very gratifying, however I want to enjoy my collections everyday, so incorporating them in my decorating is important to me
Collections don't have to be large, just a grouping of three or more similar items can make a lovely vignette.

Collections can be of rare items or simple everyday items.
Display them in an unique way, creating visual interest

 Collect unexpected items such as old clock faces and display them on a wall.

Whatever your collection or your reason for collecting, introducing it to your space, can create a personal charm that is individual to you. Don't hide it away in a closet. Put it on display to enjoy.

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