Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will winter ever end? This question has been asked a lot lately and by many. As I look out my kitchen window at the huge snowdrifts formed from the snowstorm we had today, I feel like many others, that winters end is nowhere in sight.

During these cold, blustery days time is well spent being creative indoors. As you may have known I have just returned from two weeks in Toronto. Surprisingly it wasn't much better weather there. It was a productive 2 weeks, however.  I taught a sculpting and wing design workshop while in the GTA. I did some buying for the shop, and procured  a great deal of new treasures and wonderful supplies.
The best aspect of my trip was that I was able to spend the time with my dear friend Carla, who is living in the downtown area of Toronto for the time being. Many of you have met Carla as she spent much of her free time at the studio here being creative with me. Carla has moved to the GTA while she awaits a double lung transplant. We miss her a great deal here at Vintage Pixie Studio.
For those of you interested, Carla has begun her own blog telling about her journey. She is one of the strongest and most inspiring people I know. To visit her blog go to
Carla was kind enough to host my workshops and also assist me in planning new workshops. It was tremendous fun with a lot of laughs.

The studio has reopened back to our regular winter hours, so stop by and see us and the new stock that has arrived. In the meantime stay warm and be creative...

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